Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Water Rockets!

Today was our last lab! We had a LOT of fun. We used three different types of chemical reactions (synthesis, single replacement and decomposition with a catalyst) to COMBUST HYDROGEN. Guess what you get when you COMBUST HYDROGEN, WATER! We filled pipet bulb "rockets" with a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen gasses. Then we provided a little "spark" (to break up the hydrogen molecule and oxygen molecule into atoms and get them to react with each other) with a TESLA COIL! The reaction of hydrogen and oxygen gasses is exothermic and "shoots" the pipet rocket across the room! So much chemistry! So little time!
Be sure to check back for more pics! Josh K took some with his camera and when he gives them to me, I will add them!
Be sure to study for our last test, tomorrow on chemical reactions.